VIDEO: 75 Zero-Budget Marketing Tactics

Startupfest 2016: JESSE LEIMGRUBER (NeoReach) – How to from Startupfest on Vimeo.

I recently gave the talk below at Startup Festival, but I’ve also given this talk at European Innovation Academy, The Alchemist Accelerator, among others. It’s based off of my Reddit Post that went viral and coincidentally is one of the highest up-voted posts of all time on Reddit’s r/Entrepreneur.

Regardless of what type of company you run, one thing remains true: Getting new users to your site is the single most important factor for success. This can be incredibly challenging, especially for startups with no marketing budget. Luckily, there are sites and tactics that will literally send tens of thousands of highly targeted visitors overnight, most people just don’t know them. I spent the last 5 years researching and compiling every little-known tactic that can effectively send new customers to your startup. In this presentation, I share all 75 of them.



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